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You may or may not believe these life facts.


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Those Golden years and throughout life we writers and poets may face boredom.

This is my writing paraphrased from "Those Golden Years".


His mind reminded him that all great Authors (writers and poets), had needed a stimulus to build up inspiration and inventiveness before each day's work.

That, of course, was a shot of booze.

Hidden old drunks can pass out in their beds and snooze unreproached, under the guise of taking those vital-retirement naps.

Obvious intoxication is excused by younger people as something " he has earned the right to do" or "who is he hurting?'"

So long as the retiree woos his bottle at home, he stays out of public trouble.

Unlike his skid-row brother, he is not heckled for sleeping in alleys and doorways.

Unlike the drinking driver, he avoids facing judges.

He seldom is a disgrace.


But for him, financial security and even affluence can be a tragedy. He has few worries, fewer warnings.



He may even read in his newspaper that one our of every seven drinkers will become an alcoholic.


But he is rarely told that it holds true for all ages-or that the tolerance to alcohol (or other drugs) decreases steadily, year after year, in the bodies of "all persons". Alcohol is a depressant socially acceptable drug.

All persons.

Boredom sets up every retiree for two things--obesity and alcoholism.


So oldsters are told to develop interests and find hobbies.


There is hope for anyone with any addiction. Find online or find a group to help you. Take someone to a meeting.


Denial kills people all the time the same as a drunk driver, heart attack or stroke.

You may need medical help to detox off of drugs --as detoxification can cause sever medical problems and  can also cause your death.


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Third Edition Alcoholics Anonymous




















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