Abbot Adam: None (rhymes with moan) I Desire ……I Pray!



A skillfully crafted duet that grew out of late night rehearsals and improvisation, Abbot Adam: None was saturated in ambiguities, acuities, and mild sexual undertones all the while questioning perceptions and challenging status quo.

Slits provided openings into the performance space framed with muslin-like cloth.

Once inside, I felt quarantined.

In hues of greys and browns, the isolated space housed a makeshift tub, a stool, pieces of fabric, and a pile of clothes.

Developed in part with support from the Orchard Project, the Abbot Adam cycle is a series of performances loosely structured around the Liturgy of the Hours (the daily prayer of the church, marking the hours of each day, sanctifying the day with prayer). The Hours are a meditative dialogue on the mystery of Christ using scriptures and prayer. These dialogues are usually played out between individuals and God or among the members of church. On Thursday December 10th, it was played out between Jaime Maseda and Mark McCloughan – as they portrayed sisters in a monastery.

Maseda, dressed in a long brown skirt and a nun’s habit, entered the performing space and sat on the stool. He proceeded to fold from the pile of clothes before McCloughan joined him.

They folded leisurely.

They knelt quietly.

They washed prudently.

They wiped gently.

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