Dear God



A prayer prays

Dear, God, I pray today,

i pray, that i could make your day,

full of joy, that I was strong,

that I´ve come here all along…


No struggles made me slip away,

i am much braver I could say…

Your light is brightening my way,

my  faith in you , my little pray...


Thank you, God, for always be

by my side and helping me,

to grow my soul, spirit and mind...

No doubts, I have become so kind…


I want to show my gratitude

for changing all my attitude,      

invisible you stand by me,

to right path you are guiding me…


The right path in this cruel world,

a kind heart and yes,  self control,

i feel the love, the shine, the vibes,

a prayer´s praying soul, it  thrives..


That only one, who can beleave,

in this incredible relief,

in knowing there is a  day,

another  prayer pray will say…

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