How many people have no time for other people?

(deliberate polemic)

We all have time for the people we like and we all don’t have time for the people we don’t like. Is that how you like it? We often have to work or play with people we have an aversion to but because we have no choice it doesn’t count. And we don’t spend good time with them.

            Do we really have time for people, though? If we prioritize our time, then we have to exclude some people. We exclude those people who don’t serve. If we are Mother Teresa we exclude the unpoor, and the poor who don’t live in our neck of the woods. The idea goes on and it seems to point to the necessity of exclusion, both for saints and sinners.

            A good way to hurt sensitive souls is to give them little or none of our time.

            There are many terrible statistics out there as well – like one million aging people in the UK not talking to anyone in a month. (I can’t believe that statistic but “age UK Love later life” quotes it.)

            I have to conclude this piece soon because people have no time for attention-spans, either.

            Another way to hurt people is not to attend to their dying. It is very difficult to attend to dying but once in a while you just have to find the time to do it. (After all, he was your dad or she was your mum.) Some people don’t like the whole death-idea (even though it’s part of nature) and most people hate to visit the dying because they, the dying, are in terrible straits (according to the healthy and the live). If we opt out and say the last rites can be given by the National Health Service or a private care worker, then maybe that really is opting out.

            To conclude : Maybe Time (with a capital “T”) is at fault, maybe our relationship with Time is wrong, but I just have to think when people get furious if interrupted by “irrelevance”* at a moment of personal (and very intense) endeavour, in their very own, precious time, I just have to think that people don’t have time for other people.

            But we all like to think we do.busy people

*Irrelevance can be anything at all : For example, a child asking for a sweet or a grown-up wanting to chat or even a repetitive sm (because the busy person hasn’t been able to find time to read and reply to the first sm). The list is endless.


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