Latest Review of my Autism Fantasy Trilogy



Fisher's Autism Trilogy is a series of fantasy fiction books with autistic characters. They were inspired by my autistic son, and are available at (link)

This is the latest review of my full trilogy...Fisher's Autism Trilogy. It is fantasy fiction, with autistic characters, inspired by my autistic son. Thank you Miriam for your kind review.


“I am proudest of you. You have completely transformed. You’ve done exactly what we all should do in life. You’ve learned from your mistakes , and grown into a wise and caring man. That is what I hope for all humans.”

Wow! It all started in book 1 (Trough Fisher's Eyes) and now what used to be this quiet, insecure boy is a true fighter in the real world. Not only did we see Aliens but also Angels from the moon! Can't argue with that.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, the writing was beautiful, very fast paced and entertaining. The character's (New and Old) were fantastic and I personally want to give a round of applause for Jonah. This kid... I didn't like him in the first book because he was very mean to Fisher but as the quote in the beginning said. "we learn from our mistakes" I'm glad to see that he redeemed himself and showed us that with true friendship and the help of others we can truly change. Also it shows us that we can overcome anything and for Fisher it was great. When he speaks... I died. I was not expecting him to speak at all but I was very very wrong. I think the way everything connected in the end was really cool and as the ending says. " I wouldn't trade it for anything in the universe."

I really think people should read this series, especially parents, teachers and students. It is definitely an important topic about mental disabilities and bullying. I honestly recommend!



link to Paul Nelson's Amazon Author page.

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