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Life is a wonderful gift that we have ever had. One out of a billion stars there is, perhaps, only a single planet that travels in the “universe system” at the right time and at the right place. A minute longer or a minute less all the living being wouldn’t exist.

Life is a wonderful gift that we have ever had. One out of a billion stars there is, perhaps, only a single planet that travels in the “universe system” at the right time and at the right place. A minute longer or a minute less all the living being wouldn’t exist. A meter further or a meter nearer to where it supposes to be there wouldn’t be everything that we have seen today. The time is right the place is perfect and everything else comes later: sea creatures, Birds and animals on the main land, tree in all type and the most wonderful thing of all is the human being with rational mind.

It is a gift and a wonderful gift. You will be born and you will live and one day you will die and that is the reality. Even the man who called himself God still died on the cross. You may wonder to know where you were before you were born and what happen to you after you die. There is no discrimination when it comes to nature because not only the black people die, the white also die and so does the yellow skin men and women also die. So there is nothing to worry about dying, everyone will eventually come to this stage when the time comes. What you should do right no? Well, you should be happy to explore and understand about yourself, the people around you and the worlds you live in while you are still alive and most important of all understand the universe you live in including the moons, planets, stars and every matter scattering in space. 

It take 9 months and 7 days for you to develop in your mother womb and one to two years more for you to learn how to walk. Without your mom or someone to take care of you in this period, you wouldn’t survived. Now let’s say you have past 24 months and you have reached the age of three. Your body have been contacted with the Earth’s atmosphere for 720 days equal to 17280 hours. For a young calf, baby cow, with this period of time he will have learned how to walk and to feed by himself. Unlike a young calf, human baby need more year to learn how to feed and to survived. Human baby is so delicate and it takes time_at lease_ up to 10 some 15 while others 18 years to become independent depend on their families condition. That is the pain in the bud for their parents to nurture their kid for 18 years. While some Asian family will keep their kids until the day they get married and due to the culture of some countries they will continue to keep an eye for their grandchildren. And this cycle is continue from one generation to the next generation. Feeling Suck right? But that is life. Don’t look around. Look at yourself in the mirror and do you see yourself as an example of this cycle? How would you fell? How you got trap in this messy life in this first place? How can you escape from this cycle? Or some people may enjoy it because there wouldn’t be fun if we live alone in the jungle with_for example_ monkeys. What about living in the jungle with a hot girl from Mexico? Uhh, that is awesome but you will get bored after a week or at most_I guarantee_ a year. Still this doesn’t make sense. So you ask_thank God that you finally ask_ what is a good life? And how to live a happy life? Here is my life recipe for those who want to do something good for their lives.

First, stop caring about things that you don’t like and start doing what you like. For example, if you don’t like your parents, tell them you want to live alone and set a journey to wherever you want to go. If you like science, you should go and play with the rocket. If you like rock music, you should go and find some rock bands. If you like violence, you should go and join the riots and fight with the polices. (But you can’t join the police and fight with the protesters. That doesn’t make you like violence because police like to have peace. So that they have time to have tea.) If you are gay, you should go find some boys to talk with. I think you get the idea.

Second, you should know a few thing that make your life bad. Stay away from those few things, your life would be brighter. Hate and Revenge is not good for your life_stay a way from it. I must say all of us will have these two evils inside our hearts at a certain point.  The best solution to stop hate and revenge is to forget they exist. If you hate everything in the world then forget about the world and pretend it’s not exist. I bet you will live a happy life.

Third, enjoy your life.

100 years is the life span of a human being. Personally, I do like this life span a lots and I love it very much. Some people may prefer to live longer and some eager to live forever and that is boring. I find “this” very funny. By “this” I mean a human baby. If you look at a baby of a cow, they learn how to walk by themselves after they born. Unlike a calf, a human baby need years of caring and feeding from his mother. And if we can invent a time machine to go back in time to see how the very FIRST human being born on this planet, we would be surprise to learn how he had survived all these hardship alone. Impossible right? But what is the thing that is impossible? The time machine or the very first human baby to live by himself alone in the first place. I think both.

Lives have never been easy since the dawn of the human civilization from hunter gatherer society to the world of technology and internet. People fight very hard to survive. People can’t change it but to live with it. During that hardship of life people have witnessed some happy stories and sad stories some laugh while other crying; some sit in a nice table eat luxury food while others stand outside the restaurant looking at the food. It seems unfair but that is life. You will agree that everyone make mistake but does everyone make a crime? Yes we do because everyone has sin and that mean all of us commit a crime. Since we all trap in this little planet call the planet Earth we still all live in prison only different to the size of some prison that made by human. And we all going to die one day when ours time have come.

But why some people are afraid of making mistake commit a crime or go to prison or even die? 

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