What is Your Life About and What is Your Testimony?



Here is a writing about the goodness of G-d

My name is Brenda. I am a writer. View this article and see if you can identity with it.


This subject has been on my heart for sometime now. I will put this into a story about what happened to me and the kindness of G-d. He has been good to me.


Last night, I was thinking about one of the times I had a warning from the L-rd and how He saved my very life.

I was in a good Church and working as a Jail Nurse in Texas many years ago.  I met a man who worked with me, fell in love, married and moved far away from anyone I knew or loved.  Family and friends I said good bye to for now. We moved and I became friends with my new in laws and many others. 


My mother in law gave her second son (my husband) a home and that is where we lived. It was not a fancy home and in fact is was small and in disrepair.  I was fortunate to have a roof over my head. 

Then we both got good jobs after going hungry and having our electricity turned off.

  I went back to Texas more than once. 

I flew  this one time. after I had saved up enough money. 

The pastor I had in Texas , I still remember to this day.  What he told me was that he was afraid I would get away for G-d when I moved to California and that is what happened. 

I allowed this to happen gradually because I was not aware of what was really going on. My husband made fun of worship in any Church as did his Mother. He refused to go with me.   I think she was bitter because her husband drowned and left her with two small sons. She could not understand why G-d would allow this to happen. She remarried and seemed happy enough. She would not listen when I tried to tell her about who Jesus was. 


There in California, I saved up enough money for a plane ticket so I could visit my family as I was homesick for them again. 

One of the Nurses I worked with in California worked at the elder care home with me and also at the Hospital in the Emergency Room.

We were chatting one day and she told me the small town where we lived scored as one in ten-- top cities having  the highest HIV/AIDS rate in all of the United States.  Another warning from the L-rd. He used that woman to speak to me. 

I went to visit my family. When I returned to the city in California, a woman at a fast food place handed me a hamburger and said to me, " You asked me to watch your husband while you were gone and he has been dating the town whore".

I could not even remember asking her to do this. 

Inside my old car were fake nasty fingernails. That was just a clue. Then he threw me out  on the street so to speak. A widow and her daughter took me in until I could get my own place.  My husband stole most all of my money out of my bank account I had earned.  He moved a really ugly woman into our home. The home was all his now. He had cheated on me and I was the one who suffered. He took away my security. 

As I drove down the street all alone, I was crying out to G-d. Screaming where I hope no one heard me. My heart was broken. 


Things happen in this life many times so we can help others get through the same kind of thing. G-d does not want a woman to be harmed by her husband.  A man is more responsible to G-d than a woman in my opinion.  That is what the Bible says. 

He was a man who committed adultery. There is a scripture that says G-d does not want a sacrifice--You L-rd do not delight in sacrifice. The sacrifices of G-d are a broken spirit.   A broken and contrite heart the L-rd will not despise.  You L-rd are not pleased with sacrifices. 

We divorced and he filed on me even though it was he who started the cheating. He told everyone I was crazy.  His actions were crazy.

There in California. I met a group of people who were pagans. Secular humanism could also describe what they were doing where men and women say anything goes-just about.  Men are the gods. Women are the goddesses.  Maybe they just had been hurt by the traditional Churches. Maybe they never asked the L-rd Jesus to come into their heart. They did not have The Holy Spirit or His power.


I was in spiritual darkness and angry with my husband and his family.  This went on for years and I met a man who was into Eastern religions. 

I dated and married him. He got born again while we were married.


He was abusive so that marriage did not last either. There was more adultery.

The Bible says adultery causes a drought in the land. It also says hail cleanses the land from all the lies told.

 It says marriage is a holy union and the two shall become one. It says children are a heritage form the L-rd.

When a person has sex with another person, a bond is formed.  In a marriage-that was ordained by G-d to be a holy union is made. The two shall become one. 

Here is one example of what the L-rd did for me. I never did get HIV/Aides.

If I had -it would have been from my cheating husband.  I forgave him. He tried to make me look like a fool in court. He hid his assets.  

Looking back, he was never worth it. We were what is called unequally yoked. The L-rd will accept the unbelieving spouse if you marry one--the Bible says-otherwise your children would not be sanctified. 

The Bible says --what would one of the L-rd Jesus Christ' s children have to do with one of the devil's children?  Be not unequally yoked.


The Devil's plan was for him to cheat on me and for me to get a disease that would take my life from him.

It did not matter he lied to me and stole from me. That is what the Devil's children do.

Satan comes to kill(murder other humans), steal and destroy. 

G-d allowed all of this because He gives us free will. We have the free will to become a Christian. All you have to do is talk to the Creator of the Universe, say you are sorry for the wrongs you have done, then ask Jesus the L-rd to come into your heart and acknowledge Jesus died on the cross for your sins. Sins are actions or thoughts that separate us from G-d. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of G-d. If we say we have no sin, we are liars and the truth is not in us.


Greater is He (Jesus) that is in me  than he (Satan)that is in the World. Scriptures like this are on-line or you can buy a Bible to study His word. G-d watches over His Word to do it. That is what you pray.

G-d said "You shall not have other gods before Me".  

I prayed and begged G-d to restore my marriage and broken heart. He choose to mend my heart, but not restore my marriage.  That man is still lost. If he dies in his sins, he will not get into Heaven. That is why we believers are to pray for others--so they can become a child of G-d. 

Ministers have a job to do. They are to head the church and keep the people under them from going into Hell when they die.  Hell is a real place. It burns with fire and brimstone eternally.  People say it does not exist. I disagree. It is for the ones who reject the truth that G-d sent His only Son Jesus who was without sin-to die on a cross for the sins of the ones who would believe in Him--Jesus and His testimony.

Jesus paid the price for my soul and He will too if you just ask him. After you tell G-d that you believe Jesus died on the cross for you and that you are sorry for your sins, He promises that all things will be new. You have been born again. Then you need to ask G-d for The Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is the Comforter-and is the One Jesus sent us before He left this Earth. Jesus died on the cross, rose again to life and then went back into Heaven. Jesus promised to come back to this Earth riding on a white horse.  All eyes will see Him and the ones who crucified Jesus will be ashamed. 

Have you asked Jesus Christ the Lord to come into your heart? Just do it.  Now before it is too late. Ask G-d for understanding of the Bible and He will open it up to your mind. Jesus was not a man or just another prophet. He did many miracles to prove who He was.  Get Baptized by another believer in the Name of the Father, 

Son and The Holy Spirit.

Your soul is important to G-d. He is the one who created this Universe. 

Christianity is the only religion that was the plan of G-d. All other religions are man's plan to get to G-d usually by good deeds.  But good deeds will not get you into Heaven. no matter what anyone says.  It is by faith alone we become the Children of the Most High G-d of our L-rd Jesus Christ.


Jesus said when you die He will be there and if you rejected him on Earth-he will deny you before the Father. 

This writing is but one of my testimonies. How G-d saved my life  when Satan wanted to destroy it. That Preacher was right. I did get away from my Savior, but I am back now. Jesus said--I will never leave you or forsake you-you were bought with a price. That price was His death on a cross.


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