Judge me not – least you too shall be judged

Judge Me Not

Maneuvering through a world of misfits – broken, scorned, tarnished adults – consciously or not, seeking to find a place of rest. Fall backwards and know that ultimately – the arms of the one divine partner – will forever catch and lift you back to safety.

Breaking away from the tormenting cold, embellished with a society thriving off the hearts of a judgmental world. Fancy, fancy, many are, draped in elaborate speech – meanwhile, sizing you up, and waiting for the right moment to shoot the deadliest bullet through your soul – judgment.

Knowing who you are – but finding yourself too often attempting to convince others – is far more pressure than one spirit should endure. When people attempt to dismantle your core in order to satisfy their assumptions – fall back – don’t fall on the judgment seat. Allow them to fulfill their desires to condemn.

The miraculous thing about living a full life – you shall make many mistakes.  No human adult – will now or for the remainder of his/her time thrive in a sea of perfection. For all who convince themselves of such blasphemy and critique others – please, take a moment and stand emotionally, physically, and spiritually naked before the nearest mirror.  

We are an imperfect people living in an imperfect world. For each time we fall short – and kneel before our God – beg for His forgiveness – be sure to return the favor when the imperfect among you fall short. To love – is to uplift, create favor, and add value – never to cut down or devalue ones character.

Judge me not – least you too shall be judged.

With Love and Sincerity!

E. Amoire 


 Copyright © E. Amoire 2017



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