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It's FA Cup Semi Final weekend. Despite the turmoil at Everton football club the fans shouldn't give up hope

Wembley Bound For A Day In Blue Heaven

What is it they say football's a funny old game.Or the other worn out cliche they always trawl up is it's not a matter of life and death it's more important than that. And so it came to pass that on the back of the worse run of results in the clubs history. Me and my club Everton are following the yellow brick road down to that other tired old cliche the home of football Wembley for the uninspiring semi final of the FA cup.

If we thought about it, then no self respecting Evertonian would be going to this game. I mean why would they? What's the point, nobody gives them a chance. Poor form, poor manager and humiliated by the greatest rivals. And yet..,,,,In the psyche of any true football fan (the blues included) is the word 'hope' you see it every season when a non league team manages to make it to the big boys round. Those teams who exist in a football wilderness for the other 364 days of the year, literally pick up sticks and travel in their thousands in the 'hope' that some kind of divine providence will take hold of their team and deliver a performance that they can tell their grand children about ( oh hang on wasn't that Jurgen Klopp's line). They dream about a day out to remember win lose or draw they want to say, well they gave it a good go.

Not that 'giving it a go' is good enough for Everton fans, they are from a school of hard knocks ( they've taken enough). The club motto Nil Satis Nisi Optium translated only the best is good enough is only minimum requirement. Not that the club has come anywhere near this aspiration in recent times.

The Everton pilgrimage to Wembley is like the Muslim Hajj to Mecca. The keepers of the faith like true blues believe they should make this trip to the holy of holy's at least once in their lifetime.

And so as first light breaks an army of devotees, will climb upon our battered but spruced up old chara's and reconditioned Crosville busses. Or for the more well heeled fans their super deluxe tour coach and travel the seldom trodden path to Wembley.

Talk of winning will be kept to the nags or the fixed odds. This day out should not be dampend by talk of the modern day game. This will be a trip down memory lane. A collection of away day stories where the football was just a backdrop to a great day out. The door of the coach will be a portal to a time long ago when most of us where young free and single. Days like this where a regular occurrence. We'll be laughing and joking through a cavalcade of football associated memorabilia. I wonder how many times will I hear a story begin remember that time....

This will be a jolly blue boys day out. It could be a day of doom and gloom if we where the kind of fans who cry when we lose. Sorry to report that most of us are all cried out. Of course we're not happy with the manager and the board,but that is the nature of football fans the world over. Just think of the game as a ninety minutes break out of your day out. A win would be a bonus but I'm setting the bar low a win would be the icing on the cake.

A football teams romance with its manager is a wonderful thing. It comes on the back of several previous failed relationships. It begins with the search for Mr Right. First you have to find out who is available or interested. The papers are filled with the the little gossipy stories about how so and so has always fancied you and would love to have a chat. You'll get the serial fillanderers, calling up the phone-ins. They are those managers that have been around a bit and promise to show you a good time. Then comes those Latin lothsarios, who've been linked with every Foreign lovely in the Europa league. Then you find 'the one' and so the flirting begins followed by the wining and the dining and the playing hard to get. Finally after a few late night behind closed doors liaisons, comes the proposal followed by the 'I Do' then the press conference and the new Mr Right telling us 'I Will' and then comes the honeymoon period. (please note that's you Liverpool fans ) Until the love affair ends and finally the parting of the ways. And the merry go round starts again. It's a familiar story played out on a regular basis by EVERY football team

So as we 'Walk On' down Wembley Way. Remember it's ' Always Darkest Just Before The Dawn'. Mr Wrong will soon be gone and a bright new shiny Mr Right will come along and promise us the world ( well maybe the champions league )

As that great blues ( the musical blues) fan Martin Luther King said I have a dream....... Which is Just like every Everton fan so come on you blues, the only way is up.


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