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The only abortions that should be happening is the abortion of the idea that sex is something that should be taken light heartedly. With the recent presidential campaigns and Planned Parenthood massacres, the talk about abortions has been vividl...

The only abortions that should be happening is the abortion of the idea that sex is something that should be taken light heartedly. 
With the recent presidential campaigns and Planned Parenthood massacres, the talk about abortions has been vividly ringing in America’s ear. When abortion is discussed so many things like women’s rights, rape, murder, and Hell are brought to the surface. None of which are progressive. So, I would really like to talk about what happens before the thought of abortion. Sex.

Before you begin reading I am going need you to do a few things: open your heart and mind, know that I am not trying to condemn you, and begin playing the ever so fitting “Let’s Talk About Sex”.

The world needs to be having healthier sex as a whole. Not with more protection, but with MORE LOGIC PEOPLE. When my mom spoke to me about sex it was never along the lines of “you’re going to go to hell if you have sex before marriage, I will disown you if you get pregnant, here are some condoms, or having an abortion is murder.” It was simply “if you feel comfortable enough to have sex with somebody, you should feel comfortable enough to have a baby with them.” Somewhere along the line of existence, humans have lost this logic. Sex has become recreational, in fact Cosmo wrote about how sex should be had more as a way to burn calories. For goodness sake people, this needs to stop. 

Most people who come from a background of western religion believe that sex should only be shared between people who are married, that having premarital sex is a sin, and that getting pregnant should always result in having a child because abortion is considered murder. 



True or not true, giving people a set of guidelines to follow with a matching Bible verse and zero thorough explanation as to why these guidelines should be followed is simply not helping anything. 

When the Bible explores sex in the Old Testament, it often uses the Hebrew word echad. Echad is a gritty, weighty word that basically translates to being one flesh, or being fused together at the deepest level. This makes sex into something not just recreational, but something that turns two people into one entity, where they share body and soul, where it becomes physical and spiritual. Knowing this meaning of sex, waiting to find somebody you actually see being with for quite some time seems much more realistic. When you no longer get to be with the person that you became echad with, it is literally like ripping parts of your own flesh from your body. People continue to say that God is outdated and pushes ideals that are simply unrealistic, however God is supporting basic logic here. The Bible doesn’t even address abortion simply because we were created to have sex with people that we are comfortable having a baby with; not that it was murder or a sin, but because there simply was no other option when you create something with somebody you love.
The other defense that is also used in this abortion argument is the science of it all. Embryos and fetuses aren’t technically living, breathing people, therefore abortion is humane and that sex is something made for pleasure and recreation. Speaking on sex with a scientific lens...surprise surprise, sex in scientific terms is STILL a thing to create babies! If sex was created for pleasure and pleasure alone, humans would be hatching out of eggs or something. Sex is how reproduction works, so being like “whoa I got pregnant, wow what a shock” just makes you look stupid. Science is right when it comes to the concept of sex being pleasurable, I mean, obviously. However, science says that having sex with people that you care about increases pleasure. Numerous and extensive studies have shown that the greater the connection, the greater the pleasure. So here is your rad explanation for all that terrible sex you’re having @collegefriends. I hear these people say that sex is like pizza, even when it is bad it is still good, and to that I supposed all I can do is shake my head and refer them to my blog. If people even kept scientific logic in their minds, there would be a lot better sex being had and a lot less babies being had. I mean come on, we are broke college kids, don’t we get enough crappy pizza in real life? We don’t need any crappy metaphorical pizza.
I hope you can see just the pure logic in my words. Sex is a big deal and it should be talked about like it is one. In my opinion, by talking about it more and in the way that I just did, abortion would diminish more and more, saving everybody emotional damage, money, and ultimately saving people the trouble of starting a life that they don’t intend to keep. 
With all of that being said, there are a few things that I feel are I am required to speak about to really serve this topic justice. So, keep hanging in there with me.

Abortion as a result of rape, would be one of the hardest situations I could ever imagine. I think that if there had to be abortion of children in this world, this would be the prime opportunity. With that being said, only 1% of rapes end in pregnancy. The gravity of that 1% weighs heavy in my heart, however said “YAS ABORTION 4 ALL CUZ RAPE” is not the way to go about things. It is 2015, if Justin Bieber can make an album that actually contains one good song, we can make regulations that would provide victims of rape options if they become pregnant as result to it. 

I would also like to shine light on the idea of adoption. For people who weren't fully convinced by my “have sex with people you want to have babies with” talk and get stuck in a tough situation, being strong enough to consider adoption is extremely admirable. Right at this very moment about 200, 000 people that have passed extensive tests and checks are looking to adopt while another 2 million are going through the process to do so. However the adoption family/person to child is about 36 people to 1 baby. Let’s give these folks some babies, guys. Adoption may seem scary, but it puts hope into the world and allows new opportunities for all parties. 
Lastly, during my research of this topic, I came across too many women shouting their abortion. Women were using the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion on social media to celebrate the fact that they got to practice their right to have an abortion. Many of them spoke about how they shouldn’t be suppressed and controlled. To all of these women: we are not allowed to tell people that they cannot control us when we can’t even control ourselves enough to have sex with people that we feel comfortable enough to have a child with. We cannot tell people that “they aren’t the boss of us” when we can’t be responsible enough to have healthy and responsible sex. Nobody is a victim of pregnancy. This is not about women’s rights. Mic drop.
If you are still reading, thank you. I deeply hope that this has shed a new light on sex and abortion, among other things. Everybody has an opinion and a story, and I thoroughly understand that, this is just mine. Whether these words actually transform your thoughts on sex, makes you reconsider your ideas on abortion, or makes you roll your eyes, they needed to be said. 
So cheers to the strong, selfless, and incredible women who have chosen life. You guys amaze me.
I love you mom.

Much Love + Many Blessings,

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