Quick guide for personal success



7 short affirmations to live by

1- Never depend on anyone but yourself for internal happiness (for so many reasons)

2 — One can not experience joy without pain, so be grateful for pain in the ability to experience life

3 — We can learn from the past, and dream of the future, but when we live in the present we experience living without resistance — which is the easiest way

4 — If it was meant to be it would be, keep positive thoughts and discard of those which no longer serve you to free up space for those which do

5- If you can do this, then have faith you are exactly where you need to be, no matter how low you may feel you can turn the silver lining into clear skies — the power lies within (where unconditional love resides)

6-  Do not judge unless you have walked in there shoes, if you are looking down on someone you are judging, only look down if you are helping someone up

7- If life gives lemons- It's better than a kick in the teeth, get up — keep going



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