A metaphysical question?



Will you answer?

If someone invited you into a room of no technological distractions, the surroundings are friendly and warm, furnished with only two beautiful dark chesterfield captain’s chairs, a wonderful blazing fire and bade you take a seat, how would you answer this rather involved question?

The question of time is unimportant, the answers can be short or as long as you deem pertinent.

 “What has Life learnt you?

If I was seated within such a room, my answers would with reflection, simply centre around finding the strength to be yourself in a world constantly trying to shape and mould you to its predefined will.

We immerse ourselves, purposely, every day within social landscapes, be it real or online.

 All filled with profound narratives and interconnected thoughts, and can sometimes be influenced on a grandeur scale by the social engineers, who try to subtly and cohesively manufacture a reality they deem we should adhere too.

In my opinion as this post relates to opinions, too truly find yourself, in my case anyway, begins in the later years.

The teen years are a simple blur of emotional entanglements, the twenties are the rebellious ego fuelled years of incessant parties, the thirties, a slowing down and the need to create a foundation to satisfy your preconceived notions of middle age and the forties, that is when introspection truly begins.

A slow realisation of who you truly are!

Well it appears that’s my journey; do I wish I had stumbled upon this profound introspection earlier?

Well if we don’t experience life in some form or other, how will we truly come to realise who we really are!

Life is a mixture of encounters and experiences, if we a lucky, we learn and grow!

At nearly 44, I am still lucky!

Sometimes, being yourself carries an invisible heavy burden which may cause you distress, my advice to you is simply, push it aside, by being you, with all the consequences it may bring, will  always be better that being another faceless puppet, carefully staged managed by invisible strings!

Are you still lucky?

Are you still learning and growing?

What have you learnt?

It will be interesting to see other people’s reflections!

 Are you confident enough to post?

I hope so!

"Be Free!"

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