Let's Give Them Something to Talk About!by Rhonda L. Jackson



talk about

I am always amazed and surprised when I realize people have been talking about me behind my back. Whether good or bad I am amazed and surprised that I have warranted a secret discussion about me. You see I never think that what I might say or do would necessitate a covert conversation in which I am the subject. Now I know that I have been discussed I have been told as much to my face! BUT! I don't care what people say about me! I just don't care! You see I grew up at a time when adults gave children sage advice! Now if you were one of those kids who didn't listen to the advice you only have yourself to blame for some of those hard lessons! But some adult told me when I was young that, "Baby, you don't have any control over what people may say about you! Now, you can get upset and cry over it or you can get mad and fight but you can't stop people from talking about you! Besides it's not what people call you it's what you answer to." I don't remember if this came from a teacher or someone at church or someone from my community but I heard it. So, I grew up just not caring what people may or may not have said about me behind my back. Besides if they are saying things behind your back it's possibly because they could not say those things to your face. So whatever someone says about me behind my back is not really my business so I JUST DON'T CARE!!

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