Formative Years = Memories for a lifetime



About the differences in childhood and youth!

Childhood was a sweet phase. We could do what we wanted to. There were more ways to enjoy life with hardly any hardships. Toys, games, movies, pets, cousins, friends, comics, cartoons, beverages, chocolates, teachers, school, playground etc… All these formed up our childhood.

How these things shaped up the best time of our life. There is a reason these things have so much importance in our lives. The reason is timing! All these things have something in common i.e. their timing. These were a part of our formative years. That is the reason we remember these things so well. Our first bicycle, our first crush, our first trophy, our first heartbreak, our first cell phone. All these things concoct the tenderest of our memories and the reason behind it is simple, they were a part of our formative years.

This is especially used in the marketing of many products. If a person uses a specific product in his/her formative years then that consumer will always be loyal to that product. (Cadbury chocolate, Nataraj pencils, Pepsi cola, Non-dust erasers, Vicks Vaporub…duh!!) :D

Formative years are nothing but the age we are growing, to put in simple language. It might be called as teenage or adolescence as well. Any object which is linked to these times of our life will be very near and dear to us. That is why all the ‘firsts’ in our life are so special to us. ‘First Love’ is the perfect example to describe this. But what is so special in this period of life?

That is because a person is kind of naïve, eager, curious about life. It is the stage of developments. Developments such as an identity of oneself, concepts, environments, family, relationships etc. Overall a child is being shaped into a ‘person’ in these years. There are no previous experiences nor are comparisons of anything, there only new things happening in life. That is why the ‘first kiss’ is so damn magical. We have never experienced it before and we are just curious about each and everything there is on planet earth.

Applying the same logic in today’s times. Why does everything seem so different? That’s because we started becoming a know-it-all. We think we know every goddamn thing in the world. There is no more curiosity or eagerness to learn anything. By chance, if we learn something new it becomes casual and is taken for granted. And if we can’t learn it, it is just of no importance to us. We just presume everything and become very judgmental. If a person is dressed a certain way, then it’s because he/she is a certain way. (Why not think he/she may have an unusual situation?) If a person speaks English in a poor manner he/she is not well educated (Why not think he/she might know some other language perfectly which we don’t know!?)

Just saying ‘innocence’ should not always be restricted to ‘childlike’! It can be carry forwarded to all stages of life. Just need to be curious enough and get surprised! Sometimes not knowing is the part of the fun!

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