RIP CNN and USA Media- USA lost Cold war to USA



Result is out,It is Traditional Press and Corrupt politicians of USA that lost pants down from USSR.,com/author/anirudhdhodapkar

RIP CNN and USA Media- USA lost Cold war to USA

Result is out.World has rejected TV Media brothels like CNN.

Thus USA Lost COLD WAR against USSR, Which in its new AVATAR , RT has screwed USA intelligence and corrupt terrorism breeder politicians from George Bush to Hilary Clinton.

Its time  to salute to honest media and all social networks, were so called common people and Internet activists like WIKILEAKS have exposed all TV channels as two penny jokers which they truly are.

Brave WEB ACTIVITS and people who founded Social Media, which is truly making the world ONE.

Book CRIMINAL BY CHOICE ,exposes network between Terrorists and Politicians.

Bravo RT you have won COLD WAR against stupid USA press and politicians by helping TRUMP to win. Amazing job by Russia-Americans win CIA and Politicians lose. 

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