Trump Rallies by Rhonda L. Jackson




Trump rallies are increasingly becoming dangerously hostile and violent! The eruption of hostility and violence has been forthcoming since the republican frontrunner first started to use his gargantuan paint brush to characterize entire groups of people. See when you are The Donald and the world has constantly told you how entitled you are it's not difficult to believe this wholeheartedly. I mean how could you not believe this!! Now there are other people who believe on some level that they too are entitled then there are people who say "this civil rights movement is not like the civil rights movement of the 1960's!" So here we go!! Trump is not the only candidate to use division of people to accomplish his quest for the White House! All of the other republican candidates are using this same rhetoric in varying degrees but the end results is the same (divisiveness)!! They all talk about big government and how this big government is harmful to big business, the need to control a woman's uterus, and the need to tell people who they should or should not love and marry. So the Trump rallies are powder kegs exploding. The media tries to mitigate Trump's incessant venom by saying he is tapping into some anger and distrust Americans have against the government!! What these people fail to say is this conservative group helped to create this atmosphere because in the past this anger benefited them as it seems to benefitting Trump now. I am reminded of the adage "Live by the sword die by the sword or you reap what you sow!" It also bothers me that Trump is blaming Bernie Sanders supporters for the violence at his rallies and threatening to send his violent supporters to Bernie Sanders' peaceful rallies! Wow is all I can say!November is a long time off!!!

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