USA,UK,FRENCH,GERMAN demand to Ban Immigrants is RIGHT



They have all the right to keep jobs and riches for their own children like every family in the world,Terrorists and Human traffickers are the biggest beneficiaries of USA/UK/GERMAN/FRANCE immigration system. It is basic Human right of these citizens to stop this nonsense NOW.

Every family in the world has the right to decide,who to allow inside the home and whom to reject.

It is a basic human right and no argument in favor of Human Rights can deny my right to decide whom to allow and reject inside my home.

Its a common sense but it defeats Politicians.

Politicians across democratic world want to project themselves as champion of human rights and besides that they always have some shady deals with Immigrant and Human Trafficking agents.

That is why on the name of IT, Millions of South Asians trafficked to USA/UK/EUROPE,when youths in these countries were uneducated and unemployed,they could have been very well trained for these jobs.

Immigrants due to currency difference basically make their motherland rich and USA and UK poor-they earn here and send money to their country-after sometime they become permanent citizens and so Ghetto Communities of Muslims and Indians are established smoothly by bringing in relatives to work.

This is going on from decades ,very well with gloves in hand with local politicians,this is the only thing which brought 'Muslim Terrorism' and reignited 'White Terrorism' in all these countries, where locals are becoming poor and found working for immigrants in few years.

This needs to end and Britishers are giving first signals that how they want their country to be through BREXIT.

Rest of Rich countries to follow, as being rich hardly means that you allow crooks on the name of immigration.

[CRIMINAL BY CHOICE is dedicated to fight of two prostitutes against wide spread global network of Terrorism -Mafia and Drugs-which is being unified through Human Trafficking across globe and it roots goes down to local Presidents and Prime Ministers]

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