The Millennial Bucket List



As they have done Disney and most of everything else on the older generations to do list. The millennial bucket list Is a calendar year of dreams and fantasies of the 'iInsta — Generation'


The Millennial Bucket List 

A craze began a few years ago when people of a certain age or with a terminal illness, got together a list of things they would like to do before they died. This random list of collected dreams fantasies and ambitions became known as a bucket list. Or things you'd like to do before you kicked the bucket.

The list generally included such things as visiting the fantasy world of Disney swimming with dolphins, and maybe a little bit of dicing with danger, such as leaping out of a plane or maybe a bungee jump. Achieving your bucket list would be a life complete and you could die happy.

Move forward to 2017 and the millennial interpretation of a bucket list. As they have done Disney and most of the things on the older generations to do list. The millennial bucket list Is now the calendar year dreams and fantasies of the 'iInsta — Generation'. Their aspirations reflect the want it now demands of the teens and twenty somethings. It is therefore a far more hedonistic collection. It's no longer a lifetime goal but a twelve month planner

So a typical millennial bucket list would start Around Boxing night. Obviously spent at an über cool private party or a super club like Cream transported over to the UK for one night only. Tickets cost the earth and went on sale in early Summer but you know a guy. You've also got to have the exclusive booth because the champagne and Grey Goose will be flowing.

Your living the high life with your gang of like minded live for today hedonists. A diary check will tell them it's only a few weeks until their Mid January skiing holiday and nobody wants to miss out on those legendary apres ski parties. The long weekend away in January is a must do to get over the Christmas holiday hangovers. It's also an opportunity plan for Valentines day in February. It has to be memorable so they will push the boat out it's a case of spoil or be spoilt.

Of course Valentines should be romantic occasion celebrated by maybe a weekend away, think of it as a warm up to the 'mad one'for Paddy's day' in March. Which is followed shortly after by the long Easter weekend. This is another excuse for a crazy couple nights on the town, or maybe a long weekend away, although that will depend if it clashes with Ladies Day at the Grand National meeting, which nobody wants to miss.

And then it's summer and the festival season. A weekend at Glasto' is a must, and an early trip to the Balearics is on the cards just to check out the scene. Of course this is just a break, a taster if you like. The real bender comes in Late July. And it's two weeks of Party Party.

The first trip of the year to 'Ibeeffa' is generally an exclusive boys or girls event. The rule being what happens in Biffa' stays in Biffa' meanwhile the 'proper' holiday awaits maybe something cultural like inter railing around Europe ( they say Eastern Europe is still dirt cheap) or a month traveling around Thailand ( you can't spend your money) then its back to the islands for the closing parties. Come Autumn and your planning a November long weekend in New York. Whilst your there you can stock up on the duty free the cheap perfume and your ready to wind down for Christmas. So that's the planner filled. Obviously you've left a few blank weekends for the birthdays weddings and last minute stag or hen do's.

Packing it all in isn't going g to be easy, especially if you've got the bind of a job to try and accommodate, but a millennial's mantra is life's to short to wait. Life is for living . Life is about ticking boxes and Sharing your ' look at me 'life with your social media friends and followers. And so what if you lose your job/ don't have a job / your a student maybe self employed or a free lancer. Somehow money is never a consideration. That's why god invented overdrafts, credit cards and the bank of mum and dad — Party on Guys! 


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