GREED IS INSIDIOUS!!! by Rhonda L. Jackson



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Greed is Insidious!!!

I watched a program the other day where the billionaires are starting to give away half of their money to I suppose are worthy causes! I was surprised to see this! There are 120 or so billionaires around the world and about half of them joined this group of people willing to give away half of their money! People like Warren Buffet, Sara Blakely (the spanx lady) and 60 others decided that over a billion dollars is enough to live on comfortably they don't need 80 billion or 100 billion! I applaud these people because greed is insidious!! The thing with greed is it just feeds! Greed does not sleep, greed does not go on vacations, it does not care who it hurts it just feeds! Greed will lie, cheat, and steal to feed and greed will feed! So if your husband, wife, child has to die for greed to feed so be it because greed does not care. When I saw these billionaires talk about giving away half of their wealth I was caught off guard!! The thing that is most harmful to greed is missing a feeding!!! Greed has to constantly feed so missing one feeding weakens greed's hold and makes it vulnerable!!! Now to be clear greed is not something that can be killed easily because it is insidious BUT it can be managed!!! So America let's manage our greed!!!!!

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