Muslim Women education is only option to end Terrorism



Everyone want to eliminate Terrorism but no one is interested in bringing Muslim Women to mainstream and standing by them in their fight against Religious slavery in their own Society-Who will educate Muslim Children if mothers are allowed to remain helpless victims?

World Talks of eliminating Terrorism through talks or Military are dumb and will always increase Terrorism,as it has increased and brought upon door step of USA-UK and INDIA.

Whole Muslim Terrorism is 100% male dominated ,where women are being used as 'human shield' and sex slaves.

Every Muslim women hate Terrorism but neither world humanity has ever forwarded hand of friendship to Muslim women nor any efforts are being done to include Muslim girls and women in mainstream.

99% of Muslim women,in whatever corner of world they are, are systematically being kept and treated like slaves and intentionally being kept illiterate and uneducated.

In India ,even after being a Democracy,Muslim women are treated under pathetic Muslim Personal law, which allows any man to keep 3 odd wives and leave any unwanted wife by simply saying TALAQ three times.

These women are being helped by no one,even ruling party and a so called modern PM, who goes abroad and talk about shining India's image but never look after millions of Muslim Women awaiting a law to permanently Ban humiliating and dehumanizing triple Talaq system.

If world come forward and stand with Muslim women, Muslims will have more intelligent and human kids unaffected by hysteria of Terrorism under disguise of Holy War.


[CRIMINAL BY CHOICE is dedicated to such Muslim women-who are victims of human trafficking and forced slavery all across the world.]

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