A Divine Treasure



"A piece dedicated to all the beloved mother's of the world no longer with us."

Long lost embers still smouldering. 

A heartfelt lost love, we just couldn't hold on too.

Separated a short while or so long ago.

Embers which can never be truly extinguished.





Remnants forever — beloved memories of yesteryear. 

The deepest of treasures to always embrace.

A gift bestowed from Heaven above — our truest kin. 

Memories still clinging deep within. 

Comforting embers to simply adore, ignite and illuminate those dark days and nights. 

Reflections of Yesteryear. 

Our beloved mother's. 





Deities within all dreamstates until one awakes.

Hidden embers still forever smouldering. 

A heartfelt lost love we just couldn't hold on too. 

Memories to revisit — maybe just now and then, but always strengthened tenfold by love and loyalty.

A paradise for the mind to revel within.

A gift from above — from our joyous kin.

Maternal mother's who no one can really replace. 

A gift bestowed from birth. 

One of life's truest treasures upon this earth, standing in plain sight for a brief while at least. 

Long lost embers still smouldering. 

A long lost love we just couldn't hold on too. 






But if only we all could, we would never let go.


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