Personal responsibility: Absolutely the last word



These are absolutely the last words I shall write on the subjects of the EU, the Referendum or, in fact, any other poxy political skullduggery (unless it's really interesting).

In battling the excesses of big business and the struggle for equality and social re-balancing in Britain, the European Union has inevitably become an obstacle rather than an asset. The EU is increasingly entrenched with TTIP, in fact President Jean-Claude Juncker has indicated he will instruct member states to accept it, and most MEPs lobby for one corporation or another. The EU is now an elitist club which has no more interest than our home-grown politicians in addressing the grinding issues of the living wage, increasing totalitarianism, poverty and welfare which citizens across the whole of Europe contend with every day. EU treatment of Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal along with its unequivocal insistence on imposing stringent austerity measures is all the evidence required.

On June 23 2016, Britain held a Referendum which asked the simple question: Do you think Britain should Remain in or leave the European Union? Surprisingly voters chose to leave by a majority of about two million. Some Remainers, those who voted for Britain to remain in the EU, have now cried “foul” and want a second Referendum in the hope that the first Referendum will be overturned because, they say, the electorate was lied to about the possible impact of leaving the EU. The fact is that both sides lied; politicians got involved so what do they expect. But really, whether or not the electorate was misled is not the issue.

It's about taking responsibility for yourself and your own actions. As such it was the duty of everyone intending to vote to look into the pros and cons for themselves. Just because Larry down the pub says the EU is the best thing since sliced bread doesn't make it a sound basis for making an important decision. Just because we are told someone is an expert does not necessarily mean they are on the particular point in question. If people chose to listen to bullshit and then chose to base their decision to Leave or Remain on the strength of that bullshit then so be it. Once the vote is cast, it's too late to complain and there's no-one else to blame for their own shortcomings in researching and tracking down the truth for themselves. Also, and very importantly, living in a democracy, I'm sure people prefer NOT to be led by the nose or dictated to about which way to vote. So in a way it doesn't matter a jot how much they tried to lead us up the garden path. Anyway, whose to say the majority of voters didn't see through their attempts at earnest persuasion and vote the way they wanted anyhow. Can a decision, arrived at by democratic process, ever be wrong?

I've heard some Remainers make the tacit suggestion that we in Britain are incapable of creating for ourselves a flourishing, financially stable country. They are wrong. It will be hard work but given time and the courage to completely relinquish the failed systems we currently endure, we can and will build a country where equality is a by-word for social justice and wellbeing, where everyone is free to pursue their ambitions without penalty, where talent is rewarded and where we are proud to be able to support and encourage those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

A country where, ultimately, the self is less significant than the whole. We do not need the EU to achieve this.

(C) Rivenrod 2016
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