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Nidifugous is the word of the day! It means leaving the nest soon after hatching and it relates to birds!! I learned this word today I like this word. Nigh dif u gus is it's pronunciation. Kismet was yesterday's word it means fate. It pronounces like it's spelled. I love words I listen to the words people say if I hear a word that I am not familiar with I remember it and look it up as soon as I get the chance. I try not to be obnoxious with my arsenal of words no one likes that!! I do like to share my words especially with younger people. I remember when my niece Abby was about 3 or 4 she thought she knew everything. When a child is sooooo young and as her mom used to say "knowledgeable" that child is bound to embellish. I taught her that word "embellish" and taught her the meaning. She would say to me, "Aunt Rhonda, I am not "bellishing"!" But most of the time she was embellishing!! My niece Amber was able to say the word better and she used it often or lavishly! I love words and can't for the live us me understand why people limit their vocabulary! The one thing that everyone does daily is talk why not use as many new words as possible. Having a diverse vocabulary is like opening a door wide and taking in another view not necessarily a better view but another view. Now like everyone else I dislike people who use their vocabulary to put other people down or to somehow try to make themselves look smarter/better. This is not why I like or use words I just love words!!! Learn a new word today and use it tomorrow.

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