Standing at the chalkboard of hopes & dreams



What is it you want to do before you die...and what are you waiting for?

Coming out of a grocery store in Dallas a few months back, I was treated to this sight:

How can you not love that?

Before I die...I want to erect a big chalkboard like that in my front yard, so all my friends can post their aspirations and we can cheer each other on. (Though I'm guessing our neighborhood association might frown on such a yard decoration.)

But seriously, aren't you inspired when you hear about the hopes and dreams of others? “Before I die I’m going to…compete in an Ironman Triathlon…pursue my songwriting passion…start my own business…go to med school so I can help others in an underserved community/country.”

It takes guts to chase big dreams. It might take even more courage to share them with others. And yet there's something powerful about putting things in writing, right out there in front of God and everybody.

Since I don't (yet) have my big 8 x 8 board, this will have to serve as my “Before I Die” blogpost. What dreams you got? I'll tell you mine, if you'll  tell me yours.

Personally, I want....

  • To publish my recently-completed novel.
  • To have about 14 important conversations with about nine different people.
  • To stand on the red carpet—“I’m wearing Stage and Dillards, Giuliana, thanks for asking!”—with my screenplay-writing wife Cindi who's been nominated for an Academy Award.
  • To one day have a cabin in Colorado, and spend lots of time there with my grandkids.

I have other hopes of course. A few are nutty. Some are beyond my control—which is to say, they require the participation or cooperation of others, which is tricky and can lead to heartache.

Cindi and I were talking about big aspirations the other day. She was going on about some deep hope of hers, and—like a doofus—I warned, “Ooh. Watch out, babe. It would be terrible to get your hopes up, only to have them get shattered.”

“Yeah,” she smiled. “They might get shattered by something BETTER.”

Boom! (Now do you see why all my friends tell me I married “up”?)

We are going the way of all the earth. Why not dream and live big?

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