to review or not to review

Well, it seems to be that time of the year which pops up frequently when I'm stuck for reviewers. I need reviews and I can review. A really good way for self-published authors to help each other is to go and buy the book you will review and ask and hope t'other will do the same...but, and it is a big "but", it's easier said than done.

      And I just don't know why.

      Is it that we're all incredibly busy and can't give the time of day to a reasonable request? To buy and review. To be bought and reviewed.

      Anyway, this lachrymose, self-pitying piece is begging me to turn it into a lengthy diatribe. "Down, wanton!" and rest in peace. I will make my conclusion succinct and cut it off before it gets agoing.

      I have just put out three poems on Scriggler (yes, three, and all almost simultaneously) about madness, murder, mayhem, and those poems have inspired this piece which is, as usual, trying to work out how to get reviewed. I'm facing two free promotion days on KDP for my poems and have already been tweeting like mad to poetry lovers everywhere! Are there lovers out there ready to peruse a short collection or are lovers of poetry just not around?

      That's why I've put out three poems in rapid, Tommy-gun succession-fire (can't do the same with novels).

      I hope to hear from guys and gals who can review and those in need of reviews. I can oblige. Voulez-vous?


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