One Last Thing About THE APOSTLE PAUL by Rhonda L. Jackson




I want to be clear I think Paul always had the thorn in his flesh but was not aware of a problem until after the Damascus Road experience. Just like us today we take short cuts, make compromises, and do many things we before we have a Damascus Road experience and these old lives can become the thorn in our flesh. We are miserable because of our past but we are saved!! We remember who we were and what we used to be and what we used to do but instead of a testimony we become the judge and jury for other people. Remember my walk with God is different from yours and that's alright because God has enough grace for me and you!! In my weakness or in your weakness God is strong! Does that mean we should wallow in our sin of course not because God knows our hearts (He knows when we are faking)!!! So what am I saying? God is bigger than our past! God knows our present and our future and He has enough grace for that!!! Only God knows what He is grooming us for and we don't even know but God does and He has enough grace for that. SO YOU SUPER CHRISTIANS cut people some slack and deal with the thorns in your flesh!

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