LICHIE V. DRAYDEN by Rhonda L. Jackson




Yesterday was my grandmother's birthday (my mother's mother)! This got me to thinking about family so here are some of my thoughts. My grandmother was born at a time when women especially Black women were quiet and invisible. Anyone who knew Lichie V. Drayden knows that she was neither quiet or invisible. She told me once "Rhonda, you have to let them know when you don't like it." I think this was one of the best pieces of advice that I have gotten in my entire life. See that's the thing with grandparents they have the wisdom to see stuff that your parents can't or won't see. They have future goggles because they have lived life and they can see shit coming. I find the older I get I am able to see shit coming!! I may or may not say anything but I know what I see. For instance I could see that this person I know is jealous hearted. I didn't say anything but I saw the green heart so I am mindful of this when I have dealings with this person. My grandmother could tell that I had been protected too much so I needed to learn to defend for myself, I learned that lesson. Childhood is very brief but it is the time in one's life that the experiences (good or bad) can for a lifetime. Traumas from childhood are too often lifelong. My childhood made me want to always have on rose colored glasses. Being gullible is the side affect that comes from wearing those rose colored glasses all of the time. But when I apply the advice from my grandmother I find I am able to be more discerning. I have learned many lessons in my life one of the most profound was from the advice given to me by my grandmother "Rhonda, you have to let them know when you don't like it."

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