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Finding a Ping who likes your pong


The Laws Of Attraction — Finding A Ping Who Likes Your Pong

For years men's deodorant manufacturers have been trying to seduce us into believing in the magical pulling powers of their products. Humbug you might have said, until now. Scientists have been doing the maths and their 'sciencey' things, and have come to the earth shattering conclusion that a mans attactiveness ratio does improve the better he smells. Or put it another way, their is such a thing as The Lynx effect.

For those of you reading this column who are heavily into your deodorants this glowing endorsement from those boffins that have obviously got to much time on their hands. Will probably be considered as a form of justification for as Henry Cooper used to say 'splashing it all over'. And will only re-inforce the belief that smelling good is the key to discovering a ping to compliment your pong.

And if any more reason was needed for splashing on a few drops more, those same scientists also delivered the (bath) bombshell that a nice smell can turn an ugly duckling if not into swan into, maybe not such a lame duck. Girls surveyed found their was a certain attractiveness about a boy who smells nice even if he didn't look so good .

You can bet their was lots of high fives and whoops of delight down at Pongs r Us. They want the guys to believe that the whiff of a good after shave is the equivalent of giving a girl nasal beer goggles. That smelling good turns you into a Greek god.

The problem some boys ( and girls )have, is never knowing when enough is enough. They think that unless they are swamped in a cloud of pong then it's not going to work. The makers aren't very keen to dispel that belief, why should they. They are glowing with their endorsement from science that smelling like Peppi Le Phew, is actually like cat nip to the opposite sex.

We are suckers for a good sales pitch, that's why we buy so much of the smelly stuff. We really want to believe these now not so outlandish claims . And in these desperate for a mate, times we live in, singletons will do what ever it takes to bag a partner.

The sight of of skinny scrawny guy dousing himself in deodorant before being swamped by an army of desperate woman is the dream, and those clever TV execs will carpet bomb us with ads in the run up to Christmas to convince us that we could all live that fantasy. If a bright shiney advert can convince you that smelling good gives you the edge, you will spray, dabb and cake it on with gusto. The scientists may tell us it works, but me, I smell a rat

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