How To Profit From Stress Management



The word profit means to derive benefit from. While the immediate thought for most people is monetary gain, these benefits come in many other forms.

The word profit means to derive benefit from. While the immediate thought for most people is monetary gain, these benefits come in many other forms.

By learning how to manage stress we are able to profit in health, relationships, increased productivity and performance, which allows us to function at higher levels with less effort.

Understanding that we need some stress to keep us safe and being able to identify when it needs attention gives you much more control over your life..

An example of the stress that protects us is if you are crossing the road and a car is coming you need to get out of the way quickly to avoid being injured. This mild stress serves you well. However you do not want to be so anxious as to being scared to cross when it's safe.



Think about what is important in your life. It may be your family, or the idea of improving your sporting performance. By managing stress you become more functional by being able to walk, move and breathe more freely. This naturally flows on to a better overall outlook on life both personally and professionally

Stress really affects us on 3 levels, physical, psychological and emotional, and they overlap because they are all tied in. If you have physical pain, obviously it affects you psychologically and emotionally. Mental and emotional stress does in turn affect us physically by causing us to adopt bad postures and tension.


The common symptoms caused by stress include muscular aches and pains, headaches, tension, anxiety leading to breathing and digestive problems, body weight, moods, and disruptive emotions.

These are brought on by an overload of the systems. As each system fails other resources are activated until they become exhausted. Most times the resources we use are not the most effective, but what we have available. Many believe the symptoms are due to age, genetics or just a part of life, but it is more often the case of our lifestyle. It is your choice of which you believe that will that will determine the actions you take.

Many of these things are the result of outside influences. We cannot control how people, circumstances and events present to us, however we can always control how we respond to them. Those who employ the most effective tools are the ones that profit most in dealing with stress.


Most people are unaware of how our body communicates with us. You see, it doesn't talk in a language as we know, but by giving us these signs, and these signs are telling us that what we are doing isn't working, to try something else.

So what do we mean by that? Well, let's say you are overweight, you are being given a clear message that food is not the answer. If you have muscular pain, your body is telling you to do something to make it more flexible and I'll go away and stop hurting you.

The tendency is to ignore or in effect run away from these signs and to wish they would just go away. Running towards them and asking ourselves what we need to do empowers us with the knowledge to seek out better solutions.

With this shift in focus, your symptoms become your best friends, so you can address them with appropriate behaviour. The sooner you take action the quicker you profit in your professional and personal life and take back control, which as was stated earlier, the goal to be of more value to yourself and others.

The opposite to stress is relaxed. So when you develop the skills of mental relaxation and physical relaxation you have an ideal combination. Integrating the two is the most effective way.

When you habituate them into your life you are able to profit from stress management in every area of your life.

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