More about political Dog Whistles by Rhonda L. Jackson



dog whistles

Dog whistles are a tragedy and indicative of a small mind! Remember small minds only concern themselves with other people's business. The small mind is the gossip, the bully and they don't care about anything other than their own personal agendas! The agerage mind is concerned about the next event! The great mind is concerned with the next concept that will help everybody! The small minded conservative right has dog whistles for everyone. Who is bitchy, or controlled by their emotions, or the weaker sex? Like Jeb Bush said women just need to get married then they won't have to get welfare, right? The thing with dog whistles it gives the whistler an opportunity to paint large groups of people with a broad brush. And this is so dangerous!! When people of a certain group are all painted with the same brush it negates our individuality which is so human! But I realize when the broad brush is used on these small minded people they squawk like chickens!! (If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen)!!!

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