Still Living... Still Breathing Air...



Being told you only have "5 years to live" can be a very sobering experience. But sometimes those warnings by the doomsayers can prove to be lies! As a result, I've chosen to let no man, woman or doctor write MY epitaph. lmr

Today is a cause for personal celebration and some soul-deep ponderation upon the Ponderosa.  Today, May 27th, marks five years to the factual day, I had life-saving surgery. And guess what???  Despite everything I am still here...  still alive!!  Still breathing air! 

It is also a kind of victory; a Life-over-Death Day (yay Life!). You see, I was told by several doctors and the popular medical literature of the time that most people with my condition live roughly "five years after diagnosis." 

Five YEARS!   Just FIVE Years?  OMG!  But I'm too Young!  I have so much I've wanted to do!!

That hurtful and deeply jarring news put so many things into perspective for me.  I didn't want to DIE so soon, but if there was not anything I could do about my fate, then, at the very least, I could try my best to LIVE the rest of my allotted days with purpose,  and just maybe if I applied myself, I could finally accomplish some important things, and scratch a few more off my bucket list. Those things included: working and whipping myself into better physical shape, to finish penning a semi-autobiographical and very ambitious book, to create more poetry, to be a better son, brother, friend, partner, and to never take another day lived above ground for granted.

The above mentions have all been applied and accomplished.  These are the Real Successes.

Turning one's existence on earth into a meaningful experience can provide a valuable lesson, and one that it shouldn't take a life-threatening disease to learn.  But the Blessing is that we learn (and should learn) as much as we can learn during our abbreviated time here.

I am still here... still breathing air!

I didn't want this day to be a mental anniversary; one I only shared or celebrated inside my own head.

I wanted to say to anyone and everyone who may stumble upon these words: to let NO MAN, WOMAN OR DOCTOR write your epitaph!   Others may give up on you, but don't you DARE EVER GIVE UP ON  YOURSELF!

Only God can truly know your future!  Beeleedat! 

You are stronger than you will ever know, or ever give yourself credit for being. 

Don't let what others say about you become Your Truth!

Test yourself!  Believe in yourself!

Snatch JOY!

One Love.


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