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I live my life trying to espouse a philosophy rooted in brotherly Love, opposed to Hatred and inclusive of Respect, Appreciation, and Consideration for each person equally: but one thing brings my blood to a boil.

How do I begin? When something is wholly intolerable, when something is so horribly wrong that there aren't words strong enough to describe how bad it is; then you know you are being exposed to or witnessing one of the worst Evils that can ever exist.  

Last night before bed I was looking through the pages of "the Social Media" and I found where my very learned friend had posted a video showing New Yorker's reactions to a senior citizen and his 12 year old child bride in their wedding attire. In each scene the crowd incredulously questioned the legitimacy and appropriateness of him and his supposed bride posing for photos on the sidewalk in time square.  In true "Murecan" ethnocentric fashion the crowds calmly but seriously acted out in the manner any civilized person would be expected to.

As I watched the video, realizing it was staged but not unrealistic, in that such arrangements do occur in many places, I too became angered. But my anger was far more intense than what this simulated injustice could inspire.  As immoral as this particular circumstance or simulated circumstance was it was nothing in light of the Ghastly plague of inhumanity it reminded me of. This video and these feeling's awakened a deeply suppressed rage I carry inside me and never allow to come to light for fear of the intensity of anger and desire to commit violence it will release.

The image below shows the percentage of prevalence this abomination occurs in humanity. I BOIL AS I WRITE THIS! Now let me give it a name it's called Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Did you get that name FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION!

Last night after awakening the impotent RAGE I feel (because I cannot immediately, kill all who perform and promote this atrocity) I immediately began to post and tweet questions and concerns to all straight men, and women gay or straight begging for their outrage to match mine.

FGM if you are lucky enough not to have heard of it, is where in all the countries shown above, little girls and young women are required to and coerced to allow some portion or all of their external genitalia to be removed.  Quite often not in clinical conditions. I will not even begin to quote the statistics for how often there are serious complications associated with this MUTILATION.  I am so upset by this horror's existence and the fact that it is not the number 1 cause being addressed by supposed humanitarian organizations that I could literally EXPLODE.

I challenge each and every person who reads this to

(warning  this is adult content but not sexual)

Watch this video and be able to ignore this issue.  


Those who can ignore it, May God have mercy on your soul!

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