Review of 'Shadow Over Avalon,' by C. N. Lesley



Shadow Over Avalon is a unique Science Fiction/Fantasy novel, with mythical and Arthurian twists. Please see my review below.

Shadow Over Avalon, by C. N. Lesley, is an amazing Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, with a range of multi-faceted humanoid races. Told from a third person perspective, we follow the story of Arthur, an eighteen year old Seer Acolyte who has never known his parents. While seers attempt to breed from him, Arthur searches desperately for clues in the memory files of the notorious Shadow. The question most on my mind was this; 'How will Arthur react when he finally gets his wish?'

Through his and Shadows eyes, we learn much about Shadow's heart wrenching life as she faces love, capture, and the most impossible of dangers. Their collective enemy, known as the Nestines, need to be stopped from meddling with human genetics. The use of futuristic technology was well thought out, with terrific world building skills demonstrated throughout the novel. Avalon is without a doubt my favourite location as it reminds me very much of the mythical underwater city of Atlantis.

This inspiring first book of a series held a wide array of characters, my favourite being Ashira, otherwise known as Shadow. She is the most complex character I have ever come across in fiction. Her motivations and desires are unique to her and I especially related to the way in which she shut off her feelings when they became too overwhelming.

The main theme I identified was to 'know thy enemy.' This tale includes some sort of betrayal at every turn, making it difficult to distinguish potential allies from foes. The writing made for a fluid read and had a unique and beautifully descriptive style. Shadow Over Avalon is a real page turner with an intricately crafted plot. For those who enjoy Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels, I would strongly recommend that you read this series.

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