Only Obama Could go to Cuba! by Rhonda L. Jackson



/ Cuba


President Obama went to Cuba ending an almost 100 year stalemate between our two countries!! President Obama signed a treaty with Iran to try to prevent the further escalation of nuclear arms! While the republicans continue to accelerate their diatribe of "they" and "us" President Obama along with his family goes to Cuba! Oh yeah before he goes to Cuba he nominates a centrist to fill the vacancy on Supreme Court. What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man? As an American citizen (born and raised and as a registered voter since I was 18 years old) I want to apologize to President Obama for sending him to the Oval Office without support!! We committed voters did not elect the support that he needed to get his job done!! Ted Cruz is a senator from Texas and I allowed that (although I did not vote for crazy Ted I in fact voted against him). Could Ted Cruz go to Cuba or Marco Rubio or even Jeb Bush? CAN DONALD TRUMP GO TO CUBA???? WHO DO WE WANT TO FOLLOW UP PRESIDENT OBAMA??? WHO CAN WE TRUST TO FOLLOW UP THE OBAMA LEGACY??? WHO DO WE WANT TO SEND TO CUBA???

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