New Years honours and El nino.



New Years honours and El nino.

A couple of centuries ago, the great and the good came up with an idea of honouring hard work. Anyone with a flair for merchantry and economics who had done well for themselves, could expect a peerage and VIP membership into high society, this was seen as fitting reward for the fact that they owned half of Hampshire. 
In recent times, a select Commons committee determined, Titles allowing the great and good to be known as "Sir" or "Dame" should be shelved in a reform of the honours system. 

In recent years the honours system has become tainted and archaic, with some appointments extraordinary to say the least.

"Sir Bradley Wiggins" and "Sir Chris Hoy" should be made to fight a  joust  on there cycles, there is no other way of justifying there knighthoods.
Still,  awards to the likes of Savile, Harris, Smith and so on, show us just how flawed the selection process really is.
You can only learn from a mistake if you admit you've made it, sadly the selection committee for honours seems unable to do this. 

And finally, with 2015 set to be the warmest year in over a century, i would like to thank El Nino and the horde of deodorant spraying aerosol activist for enabling me and the wife to make a financial killing in 2016.
With tempretures set to sore, wer'e taking our little nest egg and investing heavily in
waterproof mascara, she says it's an "absolute certainty" 
Some poor polar bear will be really pissed off with his habitat falling apart but hey,
that is the price of progress.
I wish you all that you wish yourself, Happy 2017.

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