The Conjuring 2



A review of the 2016 horror movie "The Conjuring 2"

In 2013 The Conjuring was a surprise hit, a supernatural horror film based on the allegedly true exploits of ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga).  This time round, after a prologue dealing with the famous "Amityville Horror" case, the investigation centres on the "Enfield Haunting" case, supposedly the best documented case of alleged supernatural activity.  In 1977, in the Enfield area of London, the Hodgson family are plagued by bizarre events, and the Warrens are called in from the US to investigate whether or not there is sufficient evidence for the church to get involved.  Lorraine is initially reluctant because she has had premonitions of Ed's death.  

The original was notable for being a slow-burning, subtle, creepy story.  This one however is more like a ghost train ride, with at least three different ghosts or demons, and more liberal use of special effects.  Director James Wan has a good eye for detail, and the 1970s suburban English setting is well realised, even if the 1970s detail is sometimes laid on a little too thick, and for the most part, certainly in the first half of the film, the jump scares are choreographed pretty well.  The main problem is that it is just too long, at over two hours, and it loses a lot of it's impact in the second half.  There is a very strong religious element which is laid on too thickly, and didn't really work for me.
It's not bad though, and fans of the original will probably enjoy it.
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