Personal Opinions



    If a soul tells me my property will be more valuable if I add tree's does that make it so? If I remodel this or that does my value in wealth truely go up? Let it be said that if I said I could set my own wealth by the value I put on my assets. Would that truely make me wealthy?

    I think these things are just personal opinions. It only increases in wealth when the buyer says its worth more. It is not really determined by the things we do but the framework of the system set by banks that determine value. Banks normally don't finance antiques. Too old. A new home they will finance by the size of the property and the home to be built. Quality. Ability to pay. Size of income. Combined with the deficit you owe.

   Once you are educated in how the system really works can it be said you have become a mind reader? You have learned well how the system works in reality and self educated yourself to succeed. Would it be a sin to say a soul who owns antiques that have been refurbished where probably financed by tax payer dollars? Could it be said that the soul used taxes for his own personal gain as apposed to spending the money for those who labored to create the profits or generate the taxes that put the antiques in their wallet.

     An education is the most important asset we can have. If one is judged by wealth. Knowing the system means knowing how to do the job. Knowing how to do the job is the fastest way to get it done. Could it be that simple as just simply tossing out all personal opinions of one's own thinking and accepting the personal opinions of those who control the wealth?

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