Just some words

The world is an experience that we all are going through. We all have good times and bad times as well, because you now diversity is the key. What i want to talk about is the colors of the life. We are all familiar that life is bursting of colors, of course some of us mostly see black and white. This comes from a the idea that the world is so simple, which it is not. The point is that we close our eyes to so many aspects that could bring happiness or sadness the point is to go for a leap of faith. Life tests us, no it does no,t it just presents itself, you decide in which colors to paint it. Life is not against you, it is you who make it look like the dark monster from under your bed, it's not life that creates them, our mind does, our perception. What colors i am talking about , you might ask, that is a question to which you must find your own answer, it's not that life has a predefined pallet of colors. Life is a painting that you paint with the colors you find and create, your emotions your experiences, your line of thought are a big factory. What will be on your canvas ? 

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