Man Talk — The Tweet Truth



In Germany they are considering making the spreading of false rumours a crime. Imagine social media without rumours and gossip.


In Germany they want to make the spreading of false rumours on social media a crime. Imagine if they introduce that law in this country. The prison system wouldn't be able to cope. I have no shame in admitting I'm a fan of social media. I'm hash tagged into all things football. I love the banter the rants and most of all the rumours.I love the Twitter know it all's who give you the insider knowledge scoop, that it's a 'done deal' or that ' It will be announced within the next twenty four hours'. I've lost count of the number of times that the footie rumour mill has gone into social media meltdown on the hearsay of one friend of a friends tweet claiming that they have been reliably informed that a player has signed, been spotted or agreed terms.

Maybe it is time that these purveyors of half truths and downright lies have their comeuppance. Oh to be in the courtroom the day that the orchestrator of these vicious untruths have their crimes revealed. Those one hundred and forty characters of hope that give you, as a football fan such excitement that you can't wait to tell your mates or worse still retweet it. You were sucked in by the idea that if someone dared to write it, then it must be true.

We live in a world where it's claimed 6 out of 10 people are hooked on their phones spending on average twenty five hours per week either calling searching or chatting. We've become so obsessed that 15 million people have tried a digital detox just to try and break the habit.

A study by Microsoft found that, since the birth of smartphones, the length of our attention spans have gone from twelve seconds to eight. And that less than 50 percent of viewers can be bothered to watch a complete video if it’s two minutes or longer.

Their's a word that describes our digital obsession, it's called 'Monomania' and is defined as an excessive preoccupation with one thing or idea. The thing in this case being our phones. And it's not just adults who are glued to their mobile. An IPad is the must have accessory for our tech savi children. They have the same compulsive need to surf the net as their cybernaut parents. The future ‘ Netizens’ as we are all becoming will inhabit a far more virtual world than most of us ‘oldies’ could ever imagine.

The idea of jangling via social media gossip to is a relatively new phenomenon to grown ups, to kids or ‘millenniums’ as the young generation are referred to these days it’s a way of life. Imagine what lies untruths and half truths they are being bombarded with via their chit chat social media sites. Back In the old days you got your gossip and rumour from the Sunday tabloids. These days you get your dose of tittle tattle via a hashtag. We no longer have the inclination to delve any deeper.

We've all been dragged into the tweet life and its songs but is it the tweet song of truth? nine times out of ten it will probably ends in a bum note.


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