TAXES by Rhonda L. Jackson



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Death and taxes are the two unavoidable inevitables in life. Well that's true if you happen to be in the category of most Americans! There are people and corporations where paying taxes are NOT inevitable! General Motors and United Airlines just to name two big corporations DID NOT pay a cent in taxes!!!!! How does this happen? Well it's called Reaganomics spawn by the Republican god Ronald (went to sleep) Reagan! Tell me how can we as Americans allow things like this to happen? Corporation can suck up our money and our resources and sit back and complain about the lack of an educated workforce to fill positions all the while they DON'T PAY TAXES!!!! You see that's how we pay for public education and other things that we need as regular Americans. How does this continue to happen? When regular people like you and I are harassed if we don't do and pay our taxes but huge corporations can be tax free!! This is sooooo unfair but fairness is never a part of big business! Well I guess the only thing to do is to hurt these corporations where it hurts the most in their pockets. I bet if GM or United Airlines sales plummeted for six to eight months or until they paid some damn taxes they would hurriedly pay some damn taxes!!! I think there should be a list of the corporations who don't pay any taxes and allow the American public to peruse that list I bet this problem would be eradicated easily!! The IRS won't call them out but we can!! SO LET'S CALL THEM OUT!! BIG CORPORATIONS PAY YOUR DAMN TAXES!!!!

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