"Morning"-Time to Create Miracles



Morning is the time ,that can heal your Life. For all Self Healing students, understanding the importance of the 'time' ,when you are born new everyday is of utmost importance,Discover the Morning and you will Discover,Science of manifesting your desires.

Day-59-Manifest Desired Life-Dawn is Guru-[As you rise to a successful Day]-

Have you ever considered not waking up tomorrow and die in sleep forever?You are waking up- this means there is more to live for.There is more to enjoy and more to feel.Even best of the Astrologers, Sages and genetic scientists could not be capable of predicting exact time of their own death.
Life and death is such a beautiful mystery that as we enter in game of Life with Birth we forget all our past lives, we might die at 99 but we are reborn as “0”,Can we sense the intention of divinity in this act?It is very simple that Life is an opportunity to improve our Soul and nature never wanted us to carry excess baggage from past life, so we are born afresh in new surroundings among new people and raised by different people.When you enter in science of Life and Birth you understand that why some children are so intelligent and some are not, some are so divinely happy and some are born cry babies.We only carry with us in life what is known as possibility, potential and desires and innate potential for which we worked in last life.

Some Kids have absolutely no idea of what they want to do with life till they are on deathbed and some declare in early childhood that they are going to be …………..,……………,……………,………….And then every year they begin to change.As my son wanted to become Indian great monkey God Hanuman, than Harry Potter than superman and now at 13 he is getting himself trained to be a Reiki Master and Yoga/Pranayam healthcare entrepreneur.But can you see a pattern.Pattern is that, somewhere inside him he wants to be as comfortable and as powerful as God.So Morning is like being born again.No one will be afraid of death ever if they learn how to sleep and how to wake up to a new day.So we all need to learn to wake up to a new day .Nothing is more important than this.The first thing you realize as you are about to wake up is weight of your body and vibrations in different parts of body telling you- we are all at place my dear- nothing is lost. It is like being born again.It is the gift of almighty God that Life is not withdrawn from your body in night.
So don’t you want to thank for this new life, new day, and new opportunity.If you are a religious person- first name that must come on your lips should be name of your favorite God, if you are not grateful even for a new morning you are a worst kind of thankless person, you are taking your life as granted which will now teach you to respect it the same way your mother taught you to respect food-water-fire-home and electricity.At the same time if you are grateful for the life-water-food-air-home-money-work-relationships you are making yourself worthy for more and more fantastic life.People say- Money is root of all evil and throughout the life they struggle to hold this root of evil.So Morning is gifted to you to realize the worth of what you have.In India we in our heart or directly touch the feet of parents and elders in family- for this I the only way we can return gratitude to them otherwise what will you gift to your 70 year old mother that is worth anything for her?She has no need and desire for new cloths, homes, cars and money now-what she wants is a touch.
I am shocked to see many people complaining about their children not even coming to see whether they are alive or dead and giving a damn to what condition parent are?Decision that how your children will treat you depends upon how you have treated your parents.You may have spoiled and treated your children with best of childhood but they are definitely going to treat you good or bad exactly in proportion to how grateful you were to your parents.People complain about not finding honest caring lover- honest friends and honest caring employers but if you look behind in their life – seeds of thanklessness scattered in all aspects of their life.We find them If not in this than previous life.That is why we must not judge people anytime of the day and be sure that you won’t be judged at any point of time.So Morning is most important time where every thought you think and gratitude you offer will decide how the life is going to treat you today.That is why morning routine is very important; if not tried till date try now to begin the morning with a walk, Yoga, prayer anything which makes you feel good. As feeling good is also a kind of gratitude towards God and Life. And those who practice to feel good under any circumstances and count their blessings are sooner or later will be rewarded in amazing way in all aspects of life.
You are very lucky if you are located at a place from where you can see rising sun, from where you can see pre dawn. And if you are lucky and wise enough at least 5 day a week you will arise to be the part of morning party.Sun Rise is a party – and everyone is invited- no  fees charged — you are single or with multiple partners- no fees is charged for morning dew –mist and clean air.Other than Pranayam- this is the only divine party which will take you to lifelong ecstasy-If one habit other than checking out useless thoughts and checking in feel good thoughts- you would imbibe in children- that is waking up early and enjoying the divine party- you will need no insurance to ensure their health, wealth, happiness and success in all aspects of life.And seeing your children happy and successful will make you happier than trying to buy happiness for them.

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