Being Grateful!! by Rhonda L. Jackson




Gratitude is very personal but can serve a variety of purposes! I went to a fast food restaurant last night and went through the drive thru. Though the drive thru was empty except for me the cashier had me to pull out of the way just in case someone else drove up! Someone inside the restaurant brought my food out to me. When he gave me my food I gave him a dollar as a tip. He looked at the dollar and at me as if he wanted to give the money back and said, "This is my job!" I said, "It's a tip you brought me my food and I tipped you don't you want a tip every once and a while!" He said' "Yes! Thank you miss!" He then flashed the biggest and brightest smile I had seen that day. It was only a dollar but I could feel his gratitude. When we show our gratitude we don't know what positive seeds we are planting. It maybe something as small as a dollar it could be as simple as looking at someone and saying, "Thank you!" What I am saying is NEVER, EVER MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO EXPRESS GRATITUDE!!

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