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Scriggler Interview series is designed to shine the spotlight at some of the more popular Scriggler contributors and to help them promote their books.

Elaine M. Mullen

5 Sentences about you:

I began writing at age 13 as a hobby and creative outlet, especially after being hit by a car at age 18. I retired early after 19 years of work and developed Bi-Polar-I disorder at age 27; yet my “disabilities” have taught me as much as tested me. I have always loved nature, the Fine Arts, history, music and I am an avid news hound. God and my faith are an integral part of my life. Independent sums me up best; maintaining a healthy balance between solitude and friends.

5 Sentences about the book:
“The GreenOgress-Unleashed” is an observation of life in pieces aimed to ignite discussions in numerous topics ranging from contemporary, historical, general, spiritual and inspirational themes. My works are intentionally designed to be “thought provoking”. I reflect on current affairs: the election, terrorism, nuclear and environmental threats, the government, the economy along with a generous touch of personal narrative. All of it has resonated well with men and women equally.
5 Sentences about one of the books’ characters.

 The poem “If You Tell Me That I” is actually a song written in memory of a dear departed friend, Mary. It relates how she, and all the departed, may “seem” inaccessible, but in truth are never more accessible. Her loving, generous nature and warmth towards all who knew her was not swallowed up by the grave. Her essence remains and I can “access” her anytime – simply by “tapping” into the place she holds in my heart and mind; where friends and loved one’s dwell forever.

Why do you think people should read it?
I strongly believe this book should be read because it answers the questions: “Who Killed Poetry?” and “Can Poetry Matter?” with a resounding “No one” and “Yes, definitely!” The feedback I have received so far confirms it appeals equally to both sexes – men slightly more than women — and it is “so broad in scope I couldn’t put it down”. It is far from esoteric, but meaningful and practical. Another reader said: “It’s full of a lot of pertinent observations about what’s going on right now!”
Who is your ideal reader?
My ideal reader is an inquisitive person with opinions and an open mind. As I mentioned; my works are designed to be thought-provoking. I strive to make my reader think twice about something they may never have thought about once; or reflect upon a topic after they have placed the book down. As I explore universal subjects that everyone can identify with: fear, forgiveness love, uncertainty, betrayal, faith and need; they are universal and “easy to relate to”.
Other authors you admire — especially contemporary. Anyone stands out in particular?
The authors I read first were Edgar Allan Poe (loving his irony and detective command); Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Henry David Thoreau, J.R.R. Tolkien and Pearl Buck. Contemporary writers I have admired are Portia Nelson, Benjamin Hoff and many of David Sedaris’ works. My earliest and favorite book is the Bible; which I read every day, along with the Dictionary!
How are you approaching the promotion of the book so far?
When purchasing the package for this book, I “bundled” it with an Advertising “Add-on” from my Publisher called the “Edge + Marketing Bundle”. It included a personal website, an AP Press Release, a Google Search Engine Promotion with personal advertising for 90 days, 100% Royalties (3 years) and a Book Return-ability Option for bookstores. I invested more in promoting this book than my first three. In a Google Search it is listed nationally and internationally.
Cover design and editing — who did you use and how was the experience?
I designed the cover for this book myself, along with my third, from photographs my neighbor supplied and one from my Computer Instructor. In classes, I learned how to “Photo-Shoppe” using Picasa and, being prolific in Word and computer literate; I wrote the Table of Contents, the Synopsis, my Biography for the cover as well as the Book Description featured on all bookstore websites. I also drafted the AP Press Release and website text. Terribly exhausting and exciting!

Do you have a newsletter, what do you normally include there?
I do not have a newsletter, but I have been showcased three times  on "paper.li"- HB Poetry Newsletter — put out by Poet Heather Bowlan. Three times during the last two and a half months three of my works were showcased as one of two featured “Poem” or “Poetry” publications with my picture and name and piece listed atop forty-seven other poetry submissions selected by other authors and listed beneath. My books and Scriggler.com are enough!

Favourite author/publication on Scriggler:
My favorite author on Scriggler.com is Lin Ross. I found his publication “City of Poets”, to be an outstanding tribute to a sometimes faceless population. In that work, he fleshed out a “faceless” group and introduced us to “true” poets, dancers, artists and individuals that came to life on the page. We knew their dreams and aspirations: realized or not. They sprang to life! I was thrilled to see it win “Publication of The Day”. His works reveal incredible depth and passion.
Print or ebook?:
All four of my books, along with my fifth, are available in hardcover, paperback and e-Book format.
If anyone is interested in interviewing me, I can be contacted via Twitter at: @GreenOgress, where they could leave me a message with return address information.
GreenOgress-Unleashed on Amazon:
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