Creating Destiny by devoting 48 Minutes a Day



Creating your destiny as per your desires is possible and it begins with this magnificent practice by VEDA.


You can not change your 'Present' as it is result of your past KARMA and thoughts but you can and always change your future as per your desire Today. All Today's that we live are a perfect opportunity to improve our tomorrow. Let's take 24 minutes a day to create our next day. Start small and start with what seems so possible to you. Practice- For first 24 minutes ,just go through your Today -pass through every single moment and be grateful for whatever has happened then change in your mind the things,that you wanted to happen differently. Feel that difference and move ahead after correcting the events as per your desire. In next 24 minutes,write from waking up-create every hour till you go to sleep ,the way you want it -at the end of the day -create a vision of a telephone call from friend or a USD 10 note or anything that you desire and be grateful for this gift that you have attracted-start from the things that seems possible to you and enter into sleep. In less then 45 days,you will find things are going your way throughout the day and you are gaining control over your every day. This is one of the most important practice for self healing students since the time immemorial and always opens door for desired success in all aspects of Life.


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