Speculative Fiction Writing Class 2 — Writing Prompts



Some prompts to get the creative juices flowing and help with tying parts of the story together

For this class I planned on writing a few different scenarios on the whiteboard to get everyone’s creative juices flowing, but seeing as only one person showed up and we got talking for the whole two hours instead of doing any actual writing, I thought I’d make up some scenarios taking inspiration from a few of the topics we got talking about. Choose one or do all three, it’s entirely up to you.


First Prompt: Find one element from a TV documentary or something that can be backed up by factual evidence and use it as a basis for a brief short story on a genre of your choice. The story can be as short or as long as you want it to be, but the plot-line should revolve around this element, even if it is only loosely. The purpose of this exercise is to get the writer thinking outside of the box to create a fictional narrative using solid factual evidence.


Second Prompt: Write a scenario involving a conversation between two different characters. The catch…make one of these characters an animal or at the very least a character that cannot talk.  Use it’s expressions and body language in place of dialogue. The aim is to get the writer comfortable with indirectly telling a story through body language.


Third Prompt: Pick a subject in the news or paper and write a short story using this subject as the instigating factor in an apocalyptic scenario of your choosing. Build up this scenario using different elements found in the news piece, whether subtle or downright obvious. The goal is to try and make this news piece feel as though it has been taken straight from your story.


See you on the other side of your imagination.



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