Our Dystopian Future



Despite all the hype about how technology will usher in advancements to make the world a better place; don't count on it, unless you are extremely wealthy.

There are so many buzz words and phrases floating about these days -- things like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, quantum computing, gene therapy, self-driving cars, nano technology, Martian colonies, life extension and cures for this and that. But like most of what gets reported by the media (both traditional and social), it's mostly hype or stories about things that will never reach (or affect) the average inhabitant of this planet.

Currently, less than 100 people have more wealth than 3.5 billion of their fellow Earthlings (combined) -- that's right, a mere hundred people are better off than half of the world's population -- hard to imagine, right?! But anyone who follows such things, or just looks around their towns and cities, knows that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. In fact, not only are most people getting poorer, but their struggle to keep their heads above water is more difficult and costly with each passing year.

Forget about rampant crime and violence, drug addiction and overdosing, depression and suicides, high debt and ever-increasing monthly bills; just look at the faces of people: they're either unhappy or filled with hatred toward one-another. And I'm talking about people on the left and right and from all ideological, social, racial, political and philosophical persuasions. It's madness out there; and there are no signs of things improving. And the media seems hellbent on feeding the fire for the sake of making more money on advertising. They don't realize the repercussions of their headlines and how they are negatively affecting society as a whole.

Enter Dystopia...

The fact is, the dystopian future has already begun for billions of people on this planet (and it's spreading like a wildfire). And as for those who believe they are/will be unaffected, well, they're just in denial -- working away at their jobs to pay their bills and buy more things -- and only a few paychecks away from poverty and/or homelessness.

Yeah, it's pretty bleak I know... And I'm sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news; but we humans have screwed up big time, this time.

As someone who has always been interested in science and technology, I've followed the development of everything from aerospace to computers. And for every advancement we've made, there have always been consequences for the society as a whole. Machines, robots and computers have replaced (and continue to replace) millions of jobs. Prescription drugs and hospital stays cause hundreds of thousands of deaths. Automobile accidents still kill tens of thousands of people each year, despite their onboard computers. We never built those moon bases and spaces stations depicted in the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Satellites and the power grids are susceptible to solar activity -- and so is our weather -- the list goes on...  We are vulnerable to man-made as well as existential threats.

Now certainly technology has improved the lives of many people; but it is also responsible for untold death and destruction. Just look at what our modern weapons have done to so many parts of the world; and, the backlash that has occurred (and continues to occur) from their constant use. There is violence and unrest throughout the world, and it's spreading day by day.

That is what dystopia looks like. Bombed out cities, abandoned buildings, decaying infrastructure, unsafe neighborhoods, homelessness, hunger, poverty, disease and despair. There are tens of millions of people in the U.S. alone that are suffering and unhappy today; and billions of people around the world who are even much worse off than we are.

So just because some well-dressed, multimillionaire talking head on TV or YouTube tells you how their latest technology is going to make the world a better place, don't believe them for one second. Sure, there will be/are beneficiaries of every scientific breakthrough; but as the population continues to increase, the likelihood of those technologies reaching the masses are slim to none. Hell, there are more and more people finding it hard to pay their internet and cell phone bills already.

To reiterate, this is not a prediction of the future, this is what is happening right now. If you don't see this, you are one of the lucky ones (temporarily). The media, politicians and educators in this country have destroyed all of our futures for the sake of their own enrichment. And out of them all, the media is the most to blame, because they have hid this from the American people. That's why there was so much surprise and confusion over the last election -- the level of discontent was ignored by the media.

It's too late to reverse this situation -- we are well beyond the point of no return. You can't wish it away; and no person or political party is going to save you. The best any of us can do is to pursue happiness and simplify our lives the best we can and prepare for the coming years when things will surely get worse.

Good luck!



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