Recipe to 'keep' and 'manifest' relationships DIVINE



From the Author of "Manifest Desired Life"

All failed relationships tells story of broken conditions and expectations.

The moment you stop trying to force 'longevity' and expectation to be 'so called' faithful- you are ready to make any and every relationship beautiful.

Understand a basic fact that everyone wants freedom to exit- so just give it to them.

Even your life is not forever ,so where else you will find eternity,

You can have a  15 minute eternal relationship and 50 years of Dragged along garbage on the name of relationship.

Just be grateful to enter-exit or remain in any relationship-till it completes you and  fulfills you.

Here is a simple secret- treat everyone in life as guest and be ready to say goodbyes with gratitude and you will have only good memories and  good relationships.

Think and act upon  this by coming out of 'barn' of religion,society and nation and you will be able to attract and manifest best of relationships in all living,and non living aspects of life. 

Not only-blissful entry but exit also will be divine-as here you are accepting your today and creating your tomorrow.

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