Terrorism Enters on USA Streets Via Underworld-Wake up Call



Terrorists are not Ideologists-Like India they are now Entering in USA via local underworld-While FBI busy fighting -"war against Terrorism" in partnership of Terrorist Breeding country Pakistan in Afghanistan-Terrorists enter in night clubs & Local gangs


As FBI busy in Syria and Pakistan for 'war against terrorism' in partnership of Terrorist Breeder Countries like Pakistan, Terrorism makes entry into USA through organized crime and drug syndicates operating from Night Clubs and Red light areas.

This was a 'common sense' which Intelligence agencies of USA always been short of -that Terrorism is very well taking roots in their own country while they are busy fighting them outside.

This is also a wake up call for India where Intelligence agencies on the same pattern of USA not checking into local Drugs and Crime syndicates for their links with Terrorist Groups. Terrorists are having huge drug money and rich detonators from UAE and it is absolutely possible for them to infiltrate in towns through night club syndicates,gay, lesbian bars.Which are generally avoided as cheap places of drugs and Sex trade instead of potential Terrorist epic Centers.

This is high time when we must stop looking at Terrorists as Militants of an ideology and start checking for them in local crime circuits and syndicates.

India is a live example,where terrorists entered through local Gangsters and created their sleeper cells to execute many mass murders and bombings.

Wake Up USA and begin to check upon your partners like Pakistan in "War against Terrorism." 

Soon to be released-"CRIMINAL BY CHOICE" is dedicated to such Political and Terrorist nexus with global drug and human trafficking Mafia


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