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Why the Comedy Team "Smothers Bros." went off the air-

Greetings to all  who took the time to read my post. I appreciate each one of you.



In American History,  the President- I remember as one of the most popular and powerful -was L.B.J.


President Johnson had a wife who beautified Texas as they were from  my home State. Her legacy and their children live on.

We are still called the Lone Star State. We used to like Sweet Tea and we were all kind-as was Lady Bird and her family.

We still like sweet tea-sweet milk-and plenty of sugar-I could not find any Splenda in one restaurant today.

That sweet milk-I used to could drink a whole half gallon for energy in the morning-now I am much older. I have to drink a sip of cola to pep me up.


The Smothers Brothers was a very funny fold song comedy team who would ease the tensions of the American public as the Viet Nam war was so horrific.

Many young men were dying and did not know why. And many thousands did not care so they protested in front of the White House in Washington and made effigies or Images of the President.

This is against my religion and always was.

When I was young I did not know better.


And it was not nice. They made images of the President hanging by the neck.


LBJ The President must have been watching the Media-he called the top producer of the Smothers Brothers Show and have this show taken off the air.

The Smother's Brothers song that irritated many was about Big Feet--called "The Big Muddy".


When all the song said was to push on-a song of encouragement.


I love to read history. Please press on with your G-d given talents.

Happy Holidays From Texas and ---M. C. Mas. You All.





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