Have you ever wanted to leave the toilet-seat UP?




I don’t know if I’ve just got this plain wrong or if I got in with the wrong crowd back “home” but I remember a very pushy lady telling me it was extremely bad manners to leave the toilet-seat up after taking a pee. I don’t think she told me why but I am presuming it is because a raised toilet-seat recalls how and why men don’t sit to take a pee (whereas most women do when they can even if they can do it standing just like men). I also felt and feel that back “home” it’s a sign of great respect that you raise the seat and set the seat back as though you’ve taken your relief but don’t want anyone aware. Then again it may be the ultimate gesture to women and their liberation, and that you don’t count when you pee but they do – in the sense you clear up the evidence of your male exploit. (Could it also be that if there is a power-cut, the lady doesn’t sit uncomfortably, fall off, or get a wet bum? Whatever it could be, it is, and let’s get on with this post.)

Here in Asia I am not tormented by such matters and therefore, "logically", I  to consider here “home”. Or have I got it all wrong yet again and is my sense of etiquette so outrageous that only Rousseau’s noble savage would agree with me?--------Because I can’t see why toilet-seats and their positions should be such powerful gender-indicators but it seems that some or all UK ladies think differently and the UK is sophisticated, advanced, democratic, meritocratic and cosmopolitan.  But do UK women really tell their men to do what I was told to do? Anyway, I just don’t fit in there – whatever views on toilet-seats are in vogue.

In the same house in Oxfordshire where I left the toilet-seat up — and was reprimanded — lives a very well educated teenager, my torturer’s daughter, whose room has the following sign on its wall : “Girls rule. Boys drool.” It seems that in the UK boys have a long way to go before they are accepted as equal citizens.

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